Starting from $2 per video

Create videos at scale

Do you need to create videos to promote your product?

Wish to send tailor made greeting videos to your customers?

Let Flixelate help you!

How it works?

Select template to use, fill in the data specific to the video send the request and we’ll take care of the rest.

Choose Template

User selects a template based on video category.

Personalize video

User Inputs data such as text, images and logos.

Generate Video

Flixelate auto-generates your video based on the data and the template.

Deliver and Publish

Flixelate delivers and publish the generated video.

Choose Your Plan

Starter plan is free. No credit card is required.


For individuals that want the basic tools and features to create up to 5 videos per month.

  • Web interface only
  • Single video up to 60s long
  • 1080p videos
  • Flixelate watermark



For more demanding customers with larger production needs.

  • Access to API interface
  • Personal templates
  • No Flixelate branding
  • Video duration not limited

Minutes of video credit

Plan Minutes Form


2.5/rendered minute


Ran out of your monthly credits?
No problem, add more!

  • Unused credit rollover
  • Increase your credits without having to upgrade your plan

Minutes of video credit

Topup minutes form


2/rendered minute

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